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Saudi Health Home Delivers Flu Vaccines by Ride-Share App

Get vaccinated at the comfort of your home  Riyadh:  Saudi Health offered seasonal influenza vaccination service through the CAREEM ride-share application.  Saudi Health stated that the vaccine can be obtained easily through this service, and the reservation process will be through the application, in which the user first launches the application, then chooses a car, skips the access point, and then picks the location. After selecting the vaccination location, by selecting the category of (influenza vaccination car), and pressing the "Yalla" button, the captain accepts the order and the medical team is deployed to the patient’s location. To prevent  influenza infections, Saudi Health stressed the importance of taking the vaccine, since it has indicated that the vaccine reduces the chances of more

Saudi Surgical Team Saves 37-year-old Man from Rare Appendix Tumor

condition affects less than 1% of inflammation cases  Riyadh:  In Al-Ula (western Saudi Arabia), a medical team succeeded Tuesday 28th November in ending a patient’s suffering through surgical intervention to remove a rare tumor in the appendix, at Prince Abdul Mohsen bin Abdulaziz Hospital. According to Saudi Health, after conducting ultrasound medical examinations with, it was discovered that the appendix of a 37-year-old man had enlarged and accumulated fluids. The CT scan also revealed a tumor measuring 14 cm long and 3 cm wide, The tumor, a spherical mucinous granuloma is considered a rare type occurrening in 0.3% - 0.8% of all cases. As a result of the diagnosis and tissue analysis, the tumor was successfully removed in an operation. The patient's condition was stabilized and he was discharged more

King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre Celebrates Third Consecutive Year as "Digital Health Most Wired" by CHiME

Riyadh, November 29th 2023 – King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre (KFSH&RC) proudly announces its recognition as a "Digital Health Most Wired" hospital for the third consecutive year by the esteemed College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHiME). This prestigious accolade acknowledges KFSH&RC's unwavering commitment to harnessing digital health technologies to enhance patient care, improve operational efficiency, and foster innovation in the healthcare sector. The CHiME Digital Health Most Wired award is a testament to KFSH&RC's strategic and seamless integration of digital interoperability, positioning the hospital as a leader in the global healthcare landscape. By effectively leveraging information technology, KFSH&RC continues to shape the future of more

Saudi Arabia Launches Specialized Center to Solve Medical Waiting Lists

Succeeded in solving 500k cases in one year  Riyadh:  Saudi Health launched a new entity dubbed (The Medical Referrals Center) which aims to provide wide-ranging services through a unified electronic portal, ensuring recipients' access to services quickly and easily. The Center works to coordinate the transfer of medical referrals and appointment booking procedures for patients transferring between Saudi health facilities inside and outside the country. A unified electronic platform for referrals is utilized to accomplish this, along with a streamlined work process and a standardized approach for registering referral requests and referrals, which helps hospitals reduce patient waiting lists and optimize capabilities when making referrals or booking appointments. Over half a million beneficiaries have been referred more

Saudi Medevac Helicopter Fly's 1st Night Evacuation Over Red Sea Waters

A 19-minute to move patient from Farasan Island to Jizan city  Riyadh:  Saudi Red Crescent Authority transferred a female patient by air aircraft on Sunday 26th November. The Director General of the Saudi Red Crescent Authority in the region stated that after coordination with Saudi health in Jazan (southern Saudi Arabia) and Farasan General Hospital, the case was transferred.   He pointed out that this trip was the first-ever night over-water medevac in Saudi Arabia, where the patient was transferred from the airstrip of Farasan General Hospital to Prince Mohammed bin Nasser Hospital’s airstrip on the mainland. The trip took 19 minutes. more

Cigna Healthcare Appoints Hisham Radwan as CEO of Cigna Insurance Saudi Arabia, Opens new offices in the Kingdom

• The appointment follows Cigna Healthcare's expansion into Saudi Arabia after becoming the first international insurance company authorized to operate through a branch in the Kingdom. • Cigna Insurance Saudi Arabia opens office in Riyadh, solidifying its physical presence in the heart of the Kingdom. • Cigna Insurance Saudi Arabia partners with Total Care Saudi (TCS) as its   third-party administrator.   Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, November 27, 2023: Cigna Healthcare, International Health, the globally acclaimed health services company, has appointed Hisham Radwan as the Chief Executive Officer of Cigna Insurance Saudi Arabia. This strategic move marks a significant milestone for Cigna Healthcare as it opens its office in Riyadh after receiving authorization from the Insurance Authority more

Miraculous Gift of Walking for Saudi Quadriplegic Child

Six operations to give the 7-year-old new hope  Riyadh:  Surgeons in Buraidah (central Saudi Arabia) performed a delicate six-stage surgery that allowed a child with cerebral palsy to walk and stand. According to Saudi Health, the 7-year-old was paralyzed on all four limbs, unable to wear his own shoes, stand, or walk. Following the necessary examinations, the team decided to perform a surgical intervention to lengthen the short tendons of the feet, knees, and hips, over six stages in one surgical session. Saudi Health confirmed the success of the operation, and that the child's condition has stabilized as he now began to walk agter removing the plaster cast. more

Saudi Medical Team Brought an Ataxia Patient to Walk Again

Intensive 6-month treatment plan Riyadh:  A medical team in Al-Awegeliah (northren Saudi Arabia) succeeded in restoring walking ability for an Ataxia patient in a 6-month treatment plan after a year of losing it.    Saudi Health confirmed that the physiotherapy and rehabilitation team succeeded late october in restoring a (Ataxia) patient's movement. He was suffering from inflammation in the cerebellum that led to an imbalance and inability to perform daily activities. After examinations, the patient underwent an intense rehabilitation program that included balance and strengthening exercises using auxiliary devices and exercises to enhance motor skills. The positive results appeared within 3 months.   The patient began to respond by standing and walking completely after 3 months. After increasing muscle more

KFSH&RC Organizes 10th International Nursing Conference to Explore Latest Advances in Nursing with Top Experts

RIYADH: November 23, 2023: The King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre (KFSH&RC) is poised to hold the 10th International Nursing Conference in Jeddah from November 27th to 29th. Themed 'Nurses: Catalysts, Navigators, and Innovators in Healthcare,' this conference is designed to create a collaborative platform for healthcare professionals. It serves as a hub for sharing knowledge and experiences, with a strong emphasis on transforming healthcare practices and advancing the nursing field to unprecedented levels. Celebrating its 20th year, the conference will explore pivotal themes in the nursing sector. Top on the agenda is the integral role of nursing in achieving Saudi Vision 2030's ambitious objectives. The event will also probe into the future of healthcare, particularly how technology and innovation are more

Free Rides for Saudis to Flu Vaccination Centers

Saudi Health partners with ride-share app CAREEM  Riyadh: Saudi Health has partnered with Careem, a popular ride-share application, to transport individuals to vaccination centers for free in five major Saudi cities starting from November 19th until the 2nd of December. According to Saudi Health, the vaccine is safe and effective. It reduces infections by more than 60% among the most vulnerable segments including chronic disease patients and those with weak immune systems, adults above the age of 50, children aged 6 months and above, pregnant women, obese individuals, and healthcare providers. This partnership reflects Careem's commitment to social responsibility, which aims to impact society positively, providing reliable means of transportation to take the vaccine safely. more

Meet the Saudi Scientist elected to run WHO in the Middle East

25 years of experience in public health and infection control Riyadh:  WHO appointed the leading Saudi public health expert  Dr. Hanan Balkhi as Regional Director of its Eastern Mediterranean Office, after a vote from member states at the organization's regional committee meeting in Cairo last October. Saudi Health Minister, Fahd Al-Jalajel, commented that the achievement by Dr. Balkhi is evidence of "the excellence and leadership of Saudi women in various fields." Dr.Balkhi is a Saudi scientist and an international expert in her field. For more the 25 years, she worked in public health and communicable diseases. Since then, she has acquired comprehensive expertise in managing disease outbreaks.  She holds a bachelor's degree in medicine and surgery from King Abdulaziz University and a more

Saudi Health Receives the e-Learning Innovation Award

Ranked "highest impact" among 1,300 participating organizations  Riyadh:  Saudi Health received the Innovation Award in e-Education and Training in its 1st edition this November, which recognizes organizations that activate e-learning and training initiatives. More than 1,300 organizations participated in the award, which aims to improve e-education and training programs, promote innovation by highlighting those who create the best solutions and practices, and honor initiatives that push human capital development. In its first edition, the award targeted all government, private, and non-profit entities. It has three tracks: Excellence, Innovation, and Impact. In accordance with international best practices in the sector, and in a manner that achieves justice, empowerment, and development, these tracks more

Saudi Health Offers Free Influenza Vaccines via App

Necessary winter dose to fight infections and limit spread  Riyadh: Saudi Health encouraged all to book an appointment and receive the seasonal influenza vaccine through the SEHHATY app. In a statement released early November, the ministry emphasized the importance of vaccinations to prevent influenza and respiratory diseases. Even if infected vaccinations help reduce side effects associated with the virus. Influenza is an acute viral infection that spreads easily and affects all ages. It is transmitted by inhaling droplets containing the virus or touching contaminated surfaces and typically takes 2-4 days to incubate. With the winter season coming, Saudi Health reported that patients with chronic diseases, children, the elderly, pregnant women, and healthcare providers are mostly at risk of infection. more

Saudi Child Saved After Swallowing Batter

30 min Procedure Removes Battery Without Damages or Burns  Riyadh:  Surgeons in Bisha (southern Saudi Arabia) succeeded in saving a child's life after swallowing a battery. Saudi Health reported that the child was brought to Bisha Maternity and Children's Hospital suffering swallowing and breathing difficulties.  After conducting clinical and radiological examinations, a battery was shown to be stuck in the esophagus. The patient was immediately taken into the operating room where the battery was successfully extracted laparoscopically without any complications. According to the medical team, these operations are conducted with extreme caution due to the risk of battery explosions inside the cavity, which can result in chemical burns and could sometimes be fatal. more

Saudi SEHA Hospital & Innovation Center win International Award

Ranked the largest virtual hospital globally  Riyadh:  SEHA Virtual Hospital and Innovation Empowerment Center won ZIMAM Award for Best Business Incubator Project 2023 during the 6th GCC eHealth Workforce Conference; in Dubai.  The award aims to pay tribute to arising projects in Digital Health. This win came as a recognition for the hospital and center efforts in promoting digital healthcare services and a support for innovators and innovations. Seha Virtual Hospital is a main initiative under the Healthcare Transformation Program in Saudi Arabia and a pioneer project in the Middle East and North Africa, and is considered the biggest globally in terms of network hospitals.   The hospital and the center contribute to the goals of Saudi Vision 2030 by investing in cutting-edge medical technologies to more

KFSH&RC Succeeds in Applying Advanced Gene Therapy for Patients with Hemophilia

The King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre (KFSH&RC) has successfully administered an advanced gene therapy for eight patients suffering from hemophilia, a genetic bleeding disorder. The hospital has demonstrated the therapy's efficacy in substantially elevating the deficient clotting factor with just a single dose. This increase enables patients to engage in daily activities without the constant requirement for preventive treatment. This advancement heralds a transformative improvement in the quality of life for patients with hemophilia.   Gene therapy for hemophilia works by introducing new, functional genes into the patient's body, enabling it to independently manufacture the previously deficient clotting factor. Essentially, these new genes instruct the patient's own cells on how to synthesize the more

Saudi Health Lunches Mega National Walking Campaign

#Walk30 deployed in 20 cities nationwide  Riyadh:  Saudi Health Minister launches this Saturday, 11th November the 5th edition of the nationwide program #Walk30 in capital Riyadh. The event will bring together health and sport communities to promote walking for 30 minutes per day. Saudi Health has stated that this program aims to implement walking as a habit and raise awareness on the health benefits side as well. The #Walk30 campaign has set up several activities such as self-tests to measure individuals' walking levels and provide practical solutions, Saudi Health added. A field study about walking habits among Saudis will be released as a part the campaign. As well as a walking challenge through the “Sehaty” mobile app to walk 8000 steps a day. The event includes operating "Healthy more

Saudi German Health Establishes Sigma Chapter as the First Multisite Healthcare System Outside the USA

November 08, 2023- Saudi German Health (SGH) a leading healthcare group in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region , has received approval to establish a SIGMA Chapter as the first multisite healthcare system outside USA. The Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing (Sigma) has more than 100,000 active members and 600 chapters. Sigma's Board of Directors, responsible for approving Sigma’s chapters, unanimously approved the SHG Sigma with positive findings. The establishment of  this chapter represents a significant milestone in the Group’s journey to empower the nursing workforce and promote nursing excellence. In line with the national transformation strategy to improve the healthcare sector in Saudi Arabia, SGH is committed to supporting the nursing profession and elevating the status of the more

Dr. Balkhy: “Well-being of Individuals is Central to all Endeavors”

She is keen on everyone’s Health during the Global Health Exhibition  Riyadh:  Professor Hanan Balkhy, the newly elected Regional Director for the World Health Organization in the Eastern Mediterranean Region, attended a discussion panel on 30th October titled: “Roadmap to AMR 2024” During the Global Health Exhibition. Dr. Balkhy discussed the widespread use of antimicrobials across various sectors, from human medicine to agriculture. She also highlighted Saudi Arabia's forthcoming initiative, the Fourth Ministerial Conference on Antimicrobial Resistance, slated for November 2023.  Balkhy lauded the sixth edition of the 2023 Global Health Exhibition, describing it as "a wealth of information, particularly with its sessions focused on the latest in health sectors.” She highlighted more

Agility Signs Healthcare MOU with Saudi Ministry of Investment

Aims to support digitization of the healthcare sector through introduction of new cutting-edge medical technologies, knowledge transfer.   RIYADH – OCT. 30, 2023 – Agility, a supply chain services, infrastructure and innovation company, signed a memorandum of understanding with the Ministry of Investment of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (MISA) today to explore how to strengthen the Saudi healthcare sector by bringing cutting-edge health technology and services to the Kingdom; while supporting new job creation and knowledge transfer.  Under the agreement, Agility and MISA will explore four areas of collaboration in the healthcare sector. This includes the potential for expanding digital health services and localizing the supply chain for innovative new medical technologies, as well as supporting more

Saudi Health Runs General Survey of Newborns in Search of Genetic Diseases

National program to create databases for all cases  Riyadh:  Saudi Health keeps implementing the National Newborn Screening Program to eradicate disability and early diagnose any genetic diseases to avoid acute complications such as physical or mental disability, failure to thrive, and early decease. These complications could lay a burden socially and mentally on the child’s parents; limiting such a situation is what the program is looking to achieve.  The program aims to examine newborns during the 24- or 72-hours after birth to detect certain diseases to give early diagnosis and provide the needed healthcare at that stage to avoid complications. The main goal behind this program is to decrease the rates of genetic diseases, disabilities, and fatalities. Also, the program is looking to expand the coverage more

Saudi Paramedics Saved the Life of an Indonesian Pilgrim

Ten crucial minutes brought the pulse back to his heart  Riyadh:  Healthcare providers at a medical center in Al Masjid an Nabawi (western Saudi Arabia) saved an Indonesian pilgrim after his heart stopped beating for 10 minutes. Saudi Health (SE) declared that on Oct 5th, the patient arrived at the center as he lost consciousness at the courtyards of Al Masjid an Nabawi. After primary examinations, he appears to have respiratory and cardiac arrest. Immediately, the medical team started to perform CPR until they succeeded in gaining back the heartbeats. After ten minutes, he entered a stable state and transformed to King Fahad Hospital to complete the rest of the clinical tests and determine a medical plan, SE added. more

Saving a Saudi Male from a Throat Tumor that Suffocated Him

Quick opening in the trachea restored the patient's ability to breathe  Riyadh:  King Khaled Hospital and Prince Sultan Center for Health Care in Al-Kharj saved a 40-year-old male from acute dyspnea. Saudi Health (SE) declared that on Oct 17, the patient arrived at the emergency clinic with shortness of breath. ENT stepped in for examinations by which they found a tumor in the throat called for a quick intervention to make a hole in the trachea to restore normal breathing. The patient was taken to the ICU for follow-up. Further, doctors took a biopsy from the tumor for analysis, SE added. more

Saudi Hospital Saved a 30-year-old After His Heart Stopped

Medevacked to a Riyadh hospital for urgent surgery  Riyadh:  A medical team in Zulfi General Hospital (Central Saudi Arabia) saved the life of a 30-year-old male who arrived at the emergency department after acute angina.  Saudi Health (SH) stated that the patient was taken to the cardiac ICU on October 10th and received CPR and ECT. As a result, heartbeats and vital signs were retrieved. Doctors admitted the patient to the ICU for follow-ups. He brought consciousness back in 24 hours and was transferred to Prince Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz Hospital in Riyadh (Capital of Saudi Arabia) for a successful cardiac catheterization. After the surgery, the team prepared follow-up appointments in the outpatient clinic, SE added. more

Saudi Surgeon Saves Life of 70-year-old Man Who Fell on an Iron Rod

Air ambulance brought the injured to the hospital in record time.  Riyadh:  General Surgery Department Team at Prince Mohammed bin Nasser Hospital in Jazan (Southern Saudi Arabia) saved a construction worker from internal bleeding and fractures in some vital organs. Saudi Health stated that the patient arrived via the air ambulance on 2nd October after falling on an iron rod.  After examinations, he appeared to have 5 broken rips, bleeding inside the left lung, rupture in the stomach and spleen, and abdominal and chest bleeding.  Immediately, he was taken to the operating room for abdominal exploration, in which surgeons eradicated the spleen and the ruptured part of the stomach. The surgery ended successfully, and the patient left the hospital fully recovered. more

KFSH&RC Organizes Annual Clinical Trials Conference

Providing Roadmap in Line with National Priorities October 13th: Set for October 22nd in Riyadh, the King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre (KFSHRC) prepares for its annual Clinical Trials Transformation Conference, a two-day event themed "Ecosystem Harmony." The conference aims to refine its infrastructure and unveil a strategic roadmap in harmony with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's national ambitions and priorities in research, development, and innovation. The event aims to establish a unified platform involving regulatory authorities, the medical research community, individual researchers, collaborative research partners, and relevant industries at both domestic and international levels. The primary focus is developing a comprehensive system for clinical trials, emphasizing studies centered around more

Saudi Dr. Hanan Balkhy, a Regional Director nominated for the WHO Eastern Mediterranean

Nominated by receiving the majority of votes  During the 70th session of the WHO Regional Committee for the Eastern Mediterranean held in Cairo from October 9 to 12, WHO announced the appointment of Dr. Hanan Balkhy as Regional Director for the WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region as she received the majority of votes from the session members.    This nomination is an extension of the Saudi competencies in the medical field regionally and globally. She held distinguished positions in her career, the main of which is assistant director general for antimicrobial resistance at the WHO since May 2019. Also, she built many partnerships with several institutions to achieve a healthier future for the countries of the region. more

Saudi Minister of Health Attends the 70th Session of the WHO Regional Committee

He discussed public health challenges with the regional director.  Saudi Health Minister Fahad Al-Jalajel, attends on Monday, Oct. 9, the inaugural meeting for the 70th Session of the WHO Regional Committee for the Eastern Mediterranean. This meeting was held in Cairo under the slogan “United for a healthier future;” it will run from Oct. 9-12. The agenda includes a speech from the regional director Dr. Ahmed Al Mandhari, and WHO Director-General Dr, Tedros Adhanom.    The Saudi Minister met Dr. Ahmed Al Mandhari, WHO Regional Director for the Eastern Mediterranean, to discuss major public health challenges and means of prevention and eradication to achieve a healthier future. Finally, he thanked Dr. Ahmad for his efforts as a regional director.   Further, the Minister of Health held other meetings more

Saudi Man Saved from Ulcer Explosion

Part of the stomach and intestines cut, pus-filled accumulations cleaned.  Riyadh:  Surgeons at Prince Mohammed bin Nasser Hospital in Jazan (southern Saudi Arabia) rescued a man from duodenum rupture.  Saudi Health stated that the patient came to the emergency department on 20th September experiencing severe pain in the abdominal area and fatigue. After the examinations, they found an ulcer in the duodenum. Immediately, he was taken to the operating room for abdominal exploration, where they found ruptured ulcer, pus accumulation, and secretions from the intestine.  Part of the stomach and the duodenum have been removed. Surgeons have cleaned all the fluids and pus. The surgery was ended successfully, Saudi Health added. more

Saudi Health Reaches Patients on Aseer Mountains

More than 6k ambulance rides during 2023  Riyadh:  Ambulance teams in Aseer region (Southern Saudi Arabia) have dealt with 6199 cases and transformed them into specialized hospitals during the first half of this year. Their professional and quick intervention helped keep patients alive and activated the use of empty beds for other patients.  Saudi Health declared that these ambulance rides came to transport patients from and to medical facilities such as centers or public and private hospitals. Also, they are responsible for taking cases from nearby hospitals to reference hospitals and vice versa.  Furthermore, the ambulance team is in charge of transporting home healthcare patients and helping hospitals require taking admissions back home after discharge. more

Saudi Hospital Discovers Rare Disease in a 20-year-old

Familial periodic paralysis is caused by a lack of potassium  Riyadh:  Howtat Bani Tamim General Hospital (Central Saudi Arabia) has diagnosed and treated a rare disease called Familial periodic paralysis in a male patient in his 20s. It occurs due to mutations in genes that regulate potassium in the blood. The patient arrived at the hospital on 25 September with weak muscles, lower heart rates, acute kidney injury (AKI), and rhabdomyolysis that caused an inability to move the upper and lower body parts. The patient intakes cortisone for skin illness, expectedly lowering the potassium in the blood. After examination, he received potassium intravenously and orally and was under observation until he retained his movement. Then, the healthcare providers took him to the outpatient clinic for follow-ups. more

King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre Implements Advanced Technology for Remote Monitoring of Heart Failure Patients

Riyadh, 4 October 2023 – The Heart Centre¬¬ at King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre (KFSH&RC) announced the implantation of a wireless sensor-monitoring sensor in 65 patients diagnosed with heart failure. This advanced system facilitates outpatient monitoring, allowing early detection of potential cardiac dysfunction. Such timely insights empower the clinical team to intervene in appropriate therapeutic adjustments, thereby enhancing the quality of life for such patients.   The sensor is introduced into the patient's pulmonary artery through a catheterization procedure, that is typically performed within an hour. This compact sensor is comparable in size to a paper clip, continuously monitoring the pulmonary artery pressure that provides daily readings. These data points are wirelessly more

ToYou Spearheads Employee Blood Donation Drive in Recognition of Blood Cancer Awareness Month

• ToYou held a two-day blood donation drive that kicked off on the 26th of September. • Initiative is part of its CSR initiative to mark Blood Cancer Awareness Month.  • 70 employees donated blood during the activation.   Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, October 04 2023: Saudi-based super app ToYou organized an internal blood donation initiative for its employees on September 26th and 27th at its headquarters in Riyadh, as part of its corporate social responsibility mandate. September is an emblematic month that marks Blood Cancer Awareness.   A specialized team from King Saud Medical City (KSMC) in Riyadh was invited to collect blood units from employees. The exclusive blood donation drive by ToYou generated significant interest and saw a turnaround of 70 employees, emphasizing the company’s more

Iraqi Pilgrim Saved after Severe Lung Stroke

clot-buster and a ventilator brought her back to life  Riyadh:  A medical team at Prince Abdulaziz Bin Musaed Hospital in Madina (Western Saudi Arabia) rescued an Iraqi pilgrim’s life after having a severe lung stroke.  ‏The patient arrived at the Emergency Department (ED) on 22nd September with respiratory arrest. She received CPR, and then a team of cardiothoracic surgeons and ICU doctors followed up with the case. Saudi Health declared that the patient arrived at the ED due to fainting, shortness of breath, low blood pressure, high-rate heartbeats, and heart failure. Immediately, doctors injected the patient with solvent and blood thinner and kept her under a ventilator.  ‏The results of treatment were shown in less than a day; she left the ICU to prepare for a discharge order more

Saudi German Health Organises First Conference of Quality and Patient Safety in Riyadh to Highlight Best Practices and Solutions for Healthcare Quality Improvement

• The Conference, organised under the theme ‘Unleashing Value-Centric Quality: Advances in Quality and Infection Control’, was the first-of-its-kind event to be held in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia   • The Conference, which was attended by numerous healthcare professionals, shed light on various ground-breaking solutions and techniques that drive a positive and sustainable change in the health sector   September 27, 2023- Saudi German Health, one of the largest healthcare groups in the MENA region, organised the first conference of Quality and Patient Safety from September 25 to 27, 2023, in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), to highlight ground-breaking solutions and best practices that improve quality of healthcare. The Conference, held under the theme ‘Unleashing Value-Centric more

Indonesian Pilgrim saved in Madina

CPR & prompt care brought him back to life  Riyadh:  In a medical center near Al-Masjid Al-Nabawi at Madina, a professional team of doctors saved an Indonesian pilgrim’s life with CPR when his heartbeats stopped for 10 minutes.  ‏Saudi Health declared that the patient arrived on 15th September by the Saudi Red Crescent as he lost consciousness in the courtyards of Al-Masjid. The initial medical examinations showed total respiratory and cardiac arrest; CPR was performed immediately by the doctors for 10 minutes to bring him back to life. ‏The medical cluster stated that the Indonesian pilgrim was discharged after completing all the medical examinations and tailoring the needed medical plan for his condition. more

Crucial Operation Saves Saudi Woman from Stomach Blockage

Three hours to deal with an enlarged liver and spleen.  Riyadh: In Jeddah (Western Saudi Arabia), a team of surgeons saved a woman’s life after suffering from an enlarged liver and spleen during a three-hour surgery.   Saudi Health stated that the interventional radiology specialties diagnosed the patient on September 24th as she arrived at the ER. The clinical examinations have shown an enlarged liver and spleen and high blood pressure in the portal vein, causing esophageal varices.  A complicated intervention occurred through a small hole in the thigh vein to insert a catheter in the esophageal varices.  The team wrapped up the surgery successfully by transferring the patient to the admission department for follow-ups until discharged. more

Tele-ICU in Launched in Saudi Hospital

Pilot project soon in 3 more hospitals  Riyadh:  Ras Tanura General Hospital (eastern Saudi Arabia) has launched a Tele-ICU service; making it the first facility to operate such a service in the region. aiming to improve the healthcare quality and optimize the best out of the available sources without having to refer patients to central hospitals.  Tele-ICU works live 24\7 by consultants to raise the quality of treatments in the nearby hospitals. It does not require booking an appointment; it is a virtual service that aims to support teams in other hospitals to provide high-quality medical service. The project contributes to enhancing the affiliated facilities of the Eastern Health Cluster. Further, Tele-ICU will be launched in three different hospitals in collaboration with the Central Team for ICU more

Axile Placenta Almost Killed Saudi Mother & Baby

Crucial 3-hour operation to remove placenta and uterus  Riyadh:  A medical team at Al Darb General Hospital (southern Saudi Arabia) rescued a pregnant woman from severe bleeding that was almost fatal for her fetus.  Saudi Health stated that the woman arrived at the emergency department on Tuesday, 18th September, suffering from acute bleeding. On the spot, she was taken under the diagnosis process, ultrasound imaging, and MRI; all showed an axile placenta growing deeply into the uterus wall, causing the bleeding. The medical team decided to perform an immediate surgery to remove parts of the uterus, including the placenta, and parts of the bladder as the placenta grew into it. After three hours, the surgery ended successfully.  The woman is admitted into the recovery unit with her baby until they’re more

Saudi Triplets' Incredible Survival Story After Preterm Birth

Three months of operations, incubators, and ICU stay ends happily.  Riyadh:  Specialized Saudi Pediatric teams rescued newborn triplets after an early birth in Madinah (western Saudi Arabia) in early June.  Saudi Health stated that the mother came to King Salman Medical City in labor and naturally delivered three babies, a girl, and two boys, in the 28th week of pregnancy. Each weighing 800 gm.  The medical teams immediately moved the infants to the newborn ICU and were put under life support. Two of the children left the incubators in good health after 45 days. While the last baby boy required heart surgery due to an inguinal hernia. He was discharged in mid-September, 100 days after being born. more

Other Top Stories from Healthcare and Medicine
Saudi Researchers Develop New Tech for Brain Tissue Imaging…

Produced images of sodium concentration in the human brain  Riyadh:  In collaboration with the National Neuroscience Institute, King Fahad Medical City in Riyadh developed a new technology to image brain tissue using Magnetic Resonance (MR). Saudi Health stated on September 14, 2023, that this new technology targets hydrogen atoms, as MR waves simulate hydrogen atoms’ more

KFSH&RC Achieves 98% in KLAS Global EHR Satisfaction Survey…

Riyadh, 18 September 2023 — King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center (KFSH&RC) proudly announces its exceptional achievement in the KLAS Global EHR Satisfaction Survey 2022. The renowned healthcare institution has secured a position in the 98th percentile of the survey, reaffirming its commitment to providing outstanding patient care through cutting-edge technology and more

New Regulation: 35% of all Private Practice Dentists have to be Saudi…

Six months to localize the sector powered by strong incentives  Riyadh:  Saudi Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, in partnership with the Ministry of Health, announced the decision to localize the dental profession in the private sector by 35% as of March 10, 2024. Saudi Health explained that it will work to implement this decision, which raises the level of more

Virtual Medicine Saves Fallen Worker in Saudi Arabia…

Online consultation treated 11 broken ribs and a bleeding spleen  Riyadh:  Doctors at the ER dept in Qilwah General Hospital (southern Saudi Arabia) saved a construction worker after falling from the 4th floor. Saudi Health reported that the rapid response team at Qilwah General Hospital examined the case on Tuesday 12th September which showed circulatory shock, abdominal internal more

Saudi Surgeon Stepped in to Stop Deadly Brain Bleeding…

Constant headache and severe vomiting sent patient to ER  Riyadh:  Neurologists at Taif (western Saudi Arabia) saved a patient from sudden bleeding in the cerebellum in a 3-hour surgery.  Saudi Health stated that Neurologists at King Faisal Medical Complex (KFMC) on Sunday, 10th September, saved a patient’s life after experiencing sudden bleeding in the cerebellum causing more

New Skull Base for a Saudi Male…

complicated microscopic operation lasted 5 hours  Riyadh:  ENT doctors in Jazan (southern Saudi Arabia) performed a 5-hour complicated operation to repair the skull base of a male patient.  Saudi Health said that on Monday 12th September, ENT specialists at King Fahad Central Hospital managed to repair the skull base, brain meninges, and ear tissues of a patient who suffered more

King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre Achieves Historic Breakthrough with Advanced ...…

KSA, September 12, 2023 – The radiation oncology team at King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre (KFSH&RC) has achieved a significant milestone in the realm of healthcare. The team has successfully harnessed the cutting-edge 4D Positron Emission Tomography/Computed Tomography (4D PET/CT) simulation technology for the treatment planning of a lung cancer patient. This advanced more

Medivac to Save a Saudi Girl from Gastric Sleeve Complications…

Urgent endoscopy brought her back to life Riyadh: Obesity and Bariatric Surgeons at King Saud Medical City (KSMC) rescued a girl in her 20s from gastric sleeve complications on Thursday, 7th September. Saudi Health said that upon arrival, the patient underwent clinical examinations that showed ascites and leakage within the abdomen. Surgeons decided to make a quick intervention with more

Saudi Infant Returns to Life after Three Months in Intensive Care…

85-days in a nursery saved him from respiratory failure and quadrupled his weight  Riyadh:  Specialized health care extended for 85 days contributed to the safe discharge of a premature baby healthy and without any complications. Saudi Health said on Sunday, September 10, that physicians at Yanbu General Hospital (western Saudi Arabia) successfully dealt with a high-risk case of more

Saudi Mother Brought Back to Life While Delivering her Baby…

experienced death for 3 min and brought back by electric shocks  Riyadh:  A medical team in Najran (southern Saudi Arabia) was able, on Wednesday, 6th Septembe, to perform an urgent surgical procedure to save the life of a nine-month-old pregnant patient whose heart stopped for a period of 3 minutes during a c-section. Saudi Health confirmed that the cardiac anesthesia team at more

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