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Cigna Healthcare Names Leah Cotterill Middle East and Africa CEO, outside KSA

Cotterill is the first woman to lead an international health insurance company in the UAE. In her new role, she will be responsible for driving strategic growth across the region's key markets, outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Dubai, UAE, 02 July 2024 - Cigna Healthcare, the leading global health services company, today announced Leah Cotterill as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Cigna Healthcare – Middle East and Africa (outside KSA). Cotterill becomes the first female CEO to lead an international health insurance company in the UAE, marking a significant milestone for the industry. The announcement aligns closely with the UAE’s commitment to including more women in leadership roles and fostering gender equality. In her new role, Cotterill will drive the organization’s strategic growth and more

Discover the Health App Used by 94% of all Saudis

SEHHATY: A Digital Gateway to 40 Free Medical Services Riyadh: The Saudi National Healthcare Transformation Program has announced that the number of users for its SEHHATY (my health) app has surpassed 30 million across the country. The app provides beneficiaries with access to 40 digital healthcare services, including booking and viewing medical appointments, searching for medications and their availability in nearby pharmacies, viewing sick leave and medical reports, and monitoring vital signs The app also allows beneficiaries to access virtual healthcare services without the need to visit hospitals or health centers. Saudi Health considers The SEHHATY app to be a leading model for its digital transformation strategy, contributing to improving the efficiency of services provided to beneficiaries and enhancing the more

So Long, Stiff Knees! Madinah Hospital Pioneers Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery in Saudi Arabia

Riyadh: Surgeons at Prince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz Hospital successfully performed a groundbreaking medical procedure using advanced orthopedic surgical techniques. For the first time in the Madinah region, the medical team employed a robotic system to replace the knee joint of a patient in her seventies. The patient had been experiencing severe pain in her left knee, significantly restricting her mobility, and impacting her daily life. Medical examinations and specialized X-rays revealed severe osteoarthritis in the left knee joint, accompanied by leg misalignment. The medical team decided to utilize the latest technology by employing a robotic system with artificial intelligence to replace the patient's knee joint. The surgical procedure lasted only two hours and was a resounding success. more

Goodbye Waiting Lists: Saudi Health Launches Unified Medical Referral System

Real-time integration of bed capacities in all government and private healthcare facilities Riyadh: Saudi Arabia's Deputy Minister of Health Abdulaziz Al-Rumaih launched the unified platform for the Medical Referral Center on Sunday. The platform is a comprehensive national service that aims to manage treatment requests between regions within and outside the country efficiently, and with real-time monitoring of bed capacities in all government and private healthcare facilities. The new platform is distinguished by being a unified electronic referral system that facilitates the transfer of patients between various healthcare facilities. It helps making quick and effective decisions regarding case distribution and improves patient experience by reducing waiting times and improving the quality of services provided. more

Mölnlycke Health Care increases stake to 60% in Tamer Mölnlycke Care, a joint venture between Tamer Group and Mölnlycke

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, 17 May 2024: Mölnlycke Health Care, a world leading MedTech company, has expanded its commitment to operations in the Middle East by extending its stake from 33.3% to 60% to become majority shareholder in Tamer Mölnlycke Care – a joint venture with Tamer Group, the market leader in healthcare distribution in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Tamer Mölnlycke Care joint venture was initiated in 2021 with the agreement to develop a customised surgical procedure tray factory in Saudi Arabia, with first production expected in Q4 2024.  The increased investment allows for an expansion in the range of Mölnlycke products manufactured and distributed in the country and to the neighbouring region. Adding drapes and gowns, emollient range and selected wound care products to the offering more

Saudi Charitable E-Platform Treats 8,000 Patients Without Health Insurance

SHEFA Platform: A Model for Community-Driven Healthcare Riyadh: Shefaa Platform, an initiative of the Health Endowment Fund, has achieved remarkable successes and accomplishments since its inception, treating over 8,000 cases in 4 years. The Shefaa Platform was launched in 2020 to facilitate access to medical services and medications for disadvantaged patients, especially in emergency cases without health insurance. The platform operates through active partnerships with more than 70 health charities in Saudi Arabia and provides its services to all. The medical specialties offered by the platform cover 15 specialties, including cancer treatment, kidney diseases, eye diseases, general surgery, heart diseases, bones and joints, women and childbirth, and neurology. Generous donations from community members play a more

New Hope for Cancer Patients in Mauritius: Specialized Hospital Launched with Saudi Funding

A $25 million loan builds a 220-bed state-of-the-art facility Riyadh: Sultan Al Marshid, CEO of the Saudi Fund for Development, inaugurated the National Cancer Hospital in the Republic of Mauritius, which the fund financed through a $25 million loan. This new hospital is a significant achievement that enhances the efficiency of the healthcare system in Mauritius and provides the highest standards of healthcare for cancer patients. It features 220 hospital beds and a total area of  21,000 square meters. The fund has previously financed 7 development projects in Mauritius through development loans amounting to $228 million, as part of its efforts to strengthen the pillars of sustainable development for developing countries around the world. more

Bill Gates & WHO chief in Riyadh for High-Level Dialogue Sessions

Saudi Arabia Takes Center Stage in Global Health Discussions: Al-Jalajel Announces Collaboration with Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Riyadh: Saudi Health Minister Fahd Al-Jalajel participated in a high-level dialogue session as part of the World Economic Forum events held  Monday in Riyadh. The session was attended by several international dignitaries, including Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, Pakistani Prime Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif, and Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the World Health Organization. Al-Jalajel stressed the need to take proactive measures to address the future challenges of climate-related health issues, emphasizing the importance of strengthening international cooperation to mitigate the impact of epidemics and emergencies. The Minister pointed to the pivotal role of more

King Fahd armed forces hospital begins trial of new bioadaptive angioplasty procedure for heart Disease treatment

Unique Device Opens Coronary Arteries and Restores the Artery to Naturally Pulse for Increased Blood Flow and Heart Recovery  KSA, April 29, 2024 – King Fahd Armed Forces Hospital is first in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to begin clinical research and now offer a new type of angioplasty procedure with the DynamX bioadaptor implant, an innovation beyond stents designed to restore vessel function. The bioadaptor is a transforming implant that, after the period of healing, unlocks and allows the artery to pulse and function more naturally in response to a patient’s exertion and heart’s changing needs. More normal artery motion and expansion help the artery restore its healthy function and reduce the risks of secondary adverse events such as heart attacks or repeat procedures. The new procedure is being offered to more

Air Ambulance Saves Man In Remote Desert Crash

Saudi Red Crescent Crews Reach Injured Man In Under 10 Minutes Riyadh Air ambulance crews from the Saudi Red Crescent in Al-Jouf (northern Saudi Arabia) have saved the life of a man who was involved in a hit-and-run accident in the remote Al-Rawsan desert area. The Red Crescent received a call about the accident via the 997 emergency hotline on Tuesday morning, April 23. A helicopter was immediately dispatched to the scene. Thanks to the rapid response and efficiency of the medical team, the helicopter was able to reach the injured man and transport him to the emergency department of Prince Mutaib bin Abdul Aziz Hospital in the city of Skaka within 10 minutes. The injured man is continuing to receive the necessary care in the hospital after his health condition stabilized. more

Tabuk Certified "Healthy City" by WHO Met 80 International Standards, to Join 14 Saudi Healthy Cities

Riyadh: The city of Tabuk (northwest) has been awarded the "Healthy City" certification by the World Health Organization (WHO), after meeting 80 criteria set by the international organization.  Tabuk's receipt of this certification is the result of the combined efforts of multiple government agencies. Saudi Health Minister Fahd Al-Jalajel affirmed that Tabuk's recognition as a "Healthy City" reflects the leadership's commitment to improving quality of life and promoting public health across the country. Al-Jalajel pointed out that the Ministry of Health's Healthy Cities program serves as a pioneering model for enhancing health indicators and reducing chronic diseases. He expressed his gratitude to all parties involved in achieving this milestone. Saudi Arabia stands as a frontrunner more

Patients in Disguise: Saudi's "Mystery Visitor" Program Delivers Results

From Hospitals to Home care...program runs incognito visits and calls to evaluate services Riyadh: The "Mystery Visitor" program, an initiative launched by Saudi Health, is continuing its efforts to evaluate the performance of healthcare facilities across the country. This initiative is part of the Ministry's ongoing commitment to improving the quality and efficiency of healthcare services, promoting transparency and self-regulation, and preventing health risks. Under the program, trained individuals pose as patients to visit and evaluate healthcare facilities. They provide detailed reports on the performance of each facility, which are then used to identify areas for improvement and enhance the overall quality of care. The program's scope encompasses all healthcare facilities and services, including more

Response Plus Holding Net Profit surges 68% to AED 49.39 million during 2023

Group Revenue increases to AED 345.36 million Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, 22 March 2024 – Response Plus Holding PJSC (ADX: RPM), the largest pre-hospital care and emergency medical services provider in the UAE and KSA, has released its audited financial results for the period ending December 31, 2023. The Group’s Net Profit surged 68% to AED 49.39 million during 2023, compared to AED 29.31 million recorded in the previous year, while the Group’s Revenue increased to AED 345.36 million as of December 31, 2023 against AED 320.86 million a year before. Similarly, the Group’s Equity increased to AED 230.04 million as of December 31, 2023 from AED 222.9 million in the previous year. The Earnings Per Share (EPS) increased to AED 0.25 in 2023 from AED 0.15 a year before, reflecting the Group’s more

From Wearables to Well-being: New Service in Saudi Arabia Uses Data from Apps for Personalized Health Guidance

Saudi Arabia's Health Tech Incubator Graduates 1st Startup Batch Riyadh: In a major push for digital health, Saudi Arabia's Deputy Health Minister, Abdulaziz Al-Rumaih, unveiled a two-pronged initiative on March 6th. This started with the launching of the Virtual Health Guide Service, which aims to empower citizens with personalized health guidance.  Leveraging data from the "SEHATY" app, "NAFIS" health files, and wearable devices, the service will identify individuals at risk and connect them with virtual specialists for preventive care and disease management programs like weight control, early diabetes detection, and hypertension control. This data-driven approach is expected to improve early detection, increase life expectancy, and ultimately enhance the quality of life for all. The second more

From Wound Care to Antibiotics: KFSH&RC Wins Big at National Patient Safety Awards

Four wins solidify position as global leader in safe healthcare Riyadh: King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center (KFSH&RC) was honored with four awards at the 6th National Saudi Patient Safety Award Ceremony on Tuesday, March 5th. The awards were distributed across three categories: Patient Safety : Where KFSH&RC won two awards for its pioneering initiatives in  wound care detecting malnutrition rates in newly admitted Patients. The hospital also won an award for its project on improving antibiotic management. While the daily improvement program won an award in the training category. More than 600 institutions participated in this year's National Patient Safety Award, submitting high-quality projects across its eight categories. It is noteworthy that KFSH&RC has been ranked first in the more

Saudi Arabia Saves Big with Shorter Hospital Stays: 13,000 Beds Freed Annually

Annual Health Performance Awards Celebrates Global Winners Riyadh: Saudi Ministry of Health celebrated Monday the annual Health Performance Awards, at a ceremony held in the capital Riyadh. During his speech at the ceremony, Saudi Health Minister Fahd Al-Jalajel explained that the average length of stay for hospitalized patients has decreased from 6.5 days to 4.5 days, which means saving around 13,000 beds, equivalent to 5 medical cities. He also pointed out that the rate of those served within 4 hours increased from 36% in 2017 to 85% in 2022, with an improvement rate of 137%, while the mortality rate from acute heart attacks decreased to 15%, achieving excellent levels in best practice metrics. Minister Al-Jalajel indicated that the improvement rate in the performance of the Saudi health sector since 2017 has increased by more

85% of Saudi Patients See a Doctor Within 4 Hours

Minister of Health: Average Hospital Stay Decreased by 30% Riyadh: Riyadh's 1st  Health Cluster achieved an exceptional accomplishment by winning 7 awards in various categories of the "Health Performance" award in its sixth edition, during the annual ceremony held on Monday under the patronage of the Saudi Minister of Health, Fahd Al-Jalajel. Key Achievements include securing first place in the Critical Care Improvement category for their project enhancing tracheostomy practices in intensive care units. They also secured first place in the Creativity and Innovation category for a project aimed at improving emergency patient satisfaction through combined innovative methods like appointing emergency guides, establishing a call center, and utilizing a novel electronic emergency status dashboard. Finally, they more

Saudi Consumers can now sleep better with help from a New Natural & Non-Habit forming Aid for Sleep Deprivation

2 out of 3 Saudis experience sleeplessness including difficulty in falling asleep, waking up at night & waking up tired in morning ZzzQuil NATURATM from the World’s #1 Sleep Aid Brand is an innovation designed to help Saudis sleep naturally, with carefully selected ingredients known for their ability to promote natural, restful sleep   Jeddah, February 27, 2024: Sleep is essential for a person's health and wellbeing, yet many Saudis do not get enough sleep, with a large part of the population unaware of the impact of sleeplessness on daily life. According to World Health Organisation, sleep deprivation, is a pressing global health concern affects millions of individuals worldwide and responsible for 3x to 10x attention lapses1. The consequences of sleep deprivation are far-reaching, including impaired more

Gilead Sciences and Saudi Oncology Society Partner to Improve Oncology Care in Saudi Arabia

Jeddah, KSA, February 19, 2024. Gilead Sciences, a leading global biopharmaceutical company, has announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Saudi Oncology Society (SOS) to cooperate in areas of research, clinical trials, medical education and scientific exchange. Committed to creating a healthier world through the sharing of scientific and innovative advancements, Gilead Sciences will work closely with SOS to achieve these goals.   The primary focus of the collaborative initiative is on education, research, awareness, optimizing treatment management and directing the audience to specialized healthcare professionals. These contributions aim to grow and improve the broader healthcare ecosystem in the Kingdom, with a special focus on oncology and addressing the unmet needs of cancer patients in the more

A Quantum Leap: Tele-EEG Now live in 24 Saudi Hospitals

Riyadh: Saudi Health launched a pioneering project on Thursday, February 15th, to provide tele-EEG services through the SEHA Virtual Hospital (SVH). The project aims to improve healthcare services for patients with neurological and brain ailments throughout Saudi Arabia, by providing advanced technologies for diagnostics and treatment. The new service involves using advanced EEG devices directly connected to SVH, where a team of qualified medical staff monitors the recordings around the clock. A consultant then issues a final report based on the virtual recordings, with the possibility of requesting medical consultation diagnostics for hospitalized patients in all departments. The project primarily aims to cover the needs of critical care patients while reducing the rate of patient transfers between hospitals and regions and more

Saudi Rare Disease Summit discussed the latest treatments and the role of artificial intelligence in diagnosing and treating these diseases

With the participation of more than 400 local, regional, and international experts Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, February 17, 2024: 400 local, regional, and international experts discussed the latest topics, treatments and the role of artificial intelligence in diagnosing and treating Rare Disease, at The Saudi Rare Disease Summit held in Riyadh, the leading summit regionally in line with the Rare Disease Day, and organized by the Saudi Pediatric Neurology Society (SPNS), and Maarefah Management the world-class events management company, and accredited by the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties, and supported by the Rare Disease Day. Prof. Ahmed Al-Jedai, Assistant Deputy, Minister for Medical Support Services, Deputyship of Therapeutic Affairs, Ministry of Health, KSA. Said: "The best way to transform health care is to more

Angels of Mercy...The Story of 90 Saudi Female Paramedics Saving Lives Everyday

Saudi Red Crescent's Field Response Team Provide Vital Aid in International Relief Efforts Riyadh: Saudi female paramedics are making significant contributions to saving lives and improving ambulance services in Saudi Arabia. The paramedics work around the clock with the Saudi Red Crescent teams to provide emergency medical services to patients and victims of accidents. The tasks of the female paramedics within the Saudi Red Crescent teams are diverse. They provide medical, ambulance, and educational care to raise health awareness. Female paramedics also participate in serving pilgrims during the annual Hajj season. Sharifah Al-Bunaykah, a specialist in emergency medicine, emphasizes the importance of being prepared and ready around the clock according to the circumstances of the fieldwork. She also highlights the importance more


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 12 Ferbruary 2024: Hilton Riyadh Hotel & Residences, a leading five-star destination and hospitality icon in Saudi Arabia, is embracing the month of February with a series of dining and wellness offers. The landmark property is inviting guests to enjoy the culinary prowess of its signature on-site restaurants, as well indulge in the delights of curated spa packages. With some deals having been inspired by February’s Valentines Day celebration, Hilton Riyadh is delivering a uniquely relevant line-up of experiences that are sure to satisfy its diverse guest population.   Conveniently located close to the Granada Mall, with its upscale restaurants and over 120 boutiques, the hotel’s proximity to the city centre, business district, and key attractions offers captivating views of Al Faisaliah more

Latest Advances in Obesity Treatment Discussed at Jeddah Conference

Over 100 Experts Gather in Saudi for the 7th International Conference   Riyadh: The Saudi Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery organized its 7th International Conference at the Hilton Jeddah Hotel, with the participation of more than 100 speakers from around the world. The conference, which ran for 3 days from Wednesday, February 7th, discussed the latest scientific and practical developments in the field of obesity medicine and surgery. The conference was attended by a group of select physicians specialized in obesity medicine and surgery, therapeutic nutrition, and behavioral therapy. An accompanying exhibition was held on the sidelines of the conference, showcasing the latest medical devices for obesity treatment. A community health initiative titled "Step for Your Health" was also launched at the more

Canadian Companies Eye Saudi Arabia's Growing Healthcare Market

Saudi Health welcomed a delegation of Canadian companies specializing in healthcare and medical services on Sunday, February 4th, for an open discussion on investment opportunities available in the coming period. During the meeting, which was held at the ministry's headquarters in Riyadh, the spotlight was shone on the investment opportunities available to Canadian companies in the healthcare sector in Saudi Arabia. The Saudi side of the meeting was attended by the Undersecretaries of the Ministry of Health, representatives of the Saudi Holding Company for Health Services, the Council of Cooperative Health Insurance, the Saudi Center for Health Facility Accreditation, the Saudi Food and Drug Authority, the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties, the National Unified Procurement Company (NUPCO), and the Ministry of more

Saudi Arabia to Host Major Summit on Precision Oncology in Madinah 50 Global Experts Explore Personalized Cancer Treatments by AI

Riyadh:  King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center (KFSHRC) is organizing the "Saudi Precision Oncology Summit" from February 8 to 10, 2024, in Madinah, Saudi Arabia. The summit will bring together over 50 local and international experts to discuss the latest advances in precision oncology, a rapidly evolving field that aims to tailor cancer treatment to the individual needs of each patient. The summit will highlight cutting-edge diagnostic and testing methods, innovative approaches to patient care, and real-world experiences in integrating precision medicine into clinical practice. Key topics to be covered include the importance of cancer prevention and early detection, Advanced testing methods, and their application in clinical practice, Challenges in accessing Precision Oncology, and the role of more

Saudi Hospitals Lead Middle East and Africa in Global Ranking

King Faisal Specialist Hospital ranked 24th globally according to Brand Finance  Riyadh:  Saudi hospitals maintained their superiority in the Middle East and Africa for the second consecutive year, according to the 2024 ranking of the top 250 hospitals in the world by Brand Finance. The ranking included 7 Saudi hospitals, five of which are among the top 100 hospitals in the world. Leading the way is King Faisal Specialist Hospital, which retained its top spot locally and regionally coming in the 24th rank globally. The list also included King Saud Medical City, King Khalid University Hospital, the National Guard Hospital, King Fahd Medical City, King Fahd University Hospital, and King Abdullah Medical City. Mayo Clinic in the United States topped the ranking, followed by other American hospitals. The ranking also more

Saudi Innovation Fights Diabetes: HyplexTM Technology Targets 1.5m Global Amputations

From Lab to Clinic, KAUST & AmplifAI Partner to Revolutionize Diabetic Care  Riyadh: King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) and health tech leader amplifAI Health join forces to combat diabetes with a revolutionary AI-powered early detection method. Combining KAUST's cutting-edge HyplexTM hyperspectral imaging technology with amplifAI's expertise, the collaboration aims to transform diabetic care. Initially targeting foot complications, this partnership paves the way for earlier diagnosis, improved treatment protocols, and potentially saving millions of lives globally. KAUST, the leading science and technology university in Saudi Arabia, joins forces with amplifAI health, a local health tech company, to revolutionize early diabetes detection. Their collaboration leverages cutting-edge AI more

Saudi Arabia Drives Down Deaths, Extends Lives: Healthcare Revamp Delivers Early Wins

50% reduction in road accident fatalities and an increase in life expectancy to 77.6 years    Riyadh:  Buckle up, Saudi Arabia! The Kingdom's ambitious healthcare overhaul is delivering impressive results, slashing road deaths in half and pushing life expectancies upward. Health Minister Fahad Al-Jalajel proudly unveiled these milestones on Jan. 30th, marking the successful completion of the program's initial phase. Gone are the days of fearing every drive. Traffic accidents, once a major concern, have seen a dramatic 50% drop thanks to improved infrastructure, stricter regulations, and public awareness campaigns. This isn't just about saving lives on the road – it's about adding years to them. The average Saudi is now living well into their late 70s, with the ambitious goal of hitting 80 by more

Saudi Health Minister in Paris for OECD Summit

40 countries meet to build resilient healthcare systems  Riyadh: Saudi Health Minister Fahd Aljalajel participated, Tuesday, January 23, in the ministerial level committee and the policy forum of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) held in Paris. The two-day meetings aim to help shape policies for building more resilient healthcare systems and discuss challenges facing member countries to cope with future epidemics. During the forum, Minister Aljalajel met with OECD Secretary General Mathias Cormann, where they discussed ways to strengthen the partnership between Saudi Arabia and the organization. Aljalajel also met with his counterparts, Italian Health Minister Orazio Schillaci, Greek Health Minister Adonis Georgiadis, and Singapore's Health Minister Ong Ye Kung. He also met with more

Preventing Famine and Deadly Disease Outbreaks in Gaza Requires Faster, Safer Aid access and more Supply Routes

As the risk of famine grows, and more people are exposed to deadly disease outbreaks, a fundamental step change in the flow of humanitarian aid into Gaza is urgently needed, United Nations agencies warned today.  The heads of the World Food Programme (WFP), UNICEF and the World Health Organization (WHO) say that getting enough supplies into and across Gaza now depends on: the opening of new entry routes; more trucks being allowed through border checks each day; fewer restrictions on the movement of humanitarian workers; and guarantees of safety for people accessing and distributing aid. Without the ability to produce or import food, the entire population of Gaza relies on aid to survive. But humanitarian aid alone cannot meet the essential needs of the Gaza people. The United Nations, international aid agencies and more

Almana Group of Hospitals Introduces Revolutionary Radiation Therapy for Cancer Patients

19 December 2023, Dammam, KSA – Almana Group of Hospitals, the leading healthcare provider in the Eastern Province, is proud to announce the successful treatment of its first patient using Surface Guided Radiation Therapy (SGRT). This ground-breaking achievement, which took place this week, marks a major milestone in patient care within Saudi Arabia, specifically in the field of cancer treatment. The introduction of the SGRT system showcases Almana Group of Hospitals' commitment to leveraging innovative technologies to better serve cancer patients. SGRT offers several significant benefits that revolutionize the radiation therapy process, enhancing safety, accuracy, and patient experience. One of the key advancements brought by SGRT is the ability to save the heart during left breast radiation therapy. The left more

Saudi Researchers Develop New Technology to Diagnose Autism

Focuses on tracking eye movement and adapts to the local culture  Riyadh: King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center KFSH & RC announced earlier in December the development of an advanced system to diagnose Autism Spectrum Disorder ASD. The innovation has received a patent from the US patient office USPTO and has also been featured as a promising development in several scientific journals. The system focuses on eye tracking and visual stimuli integrated with artificial intelligence. This approach overcomes traditional screening methods and adapts to local linguistic and cultural aspects, providing a more accurate alternative to current autism screening methods. This development was the result of a previous study completed by KFSH & RC involving a variety of male and female participants across a wide age more

Nahdi Opens Its Sixth Clinic as Part of the NahdiCare Clinics Expansion Plan to Improve Primary Healthcare in the City of Taif

Taif, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – 17 December 2023: Contributing to the enhancement of a healthier quality of life, Nahdi Medical Company, has announced the opening of its sixth branch within ‘NahdiCare’ clinics in the city of Taif. Taif has recently garnered greater attention regarding development projects from the public and private sectors, to make it one of the world’s premier tourist destinations in line with the goals of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030. With that in mind, Nahdi Medical Company has been keen to contribute to the urban prosperity of the city of Taif by strengthening its primary healthcare offering and making Nahdi’s omnihealth services available and accessible to its residents, visitors, and tourists – with the ultimate goal of adding beats to the lives of its Guests every more

Saudi Health Minister: We Used to Invest in Treatments, Now We Focus on Prevention

From pain to hope...Saudi Health adds 1,200 new beds in 2023  Riyadh:  Saudi Health Minister Fahd Aljalajel commented that the ministry has been investing for a long time in providing treatments but has shifted to focus on prevention as a road map to a healthy community, stressing that 66% of citizens do not need to travel for medical service. During an open session coinciding with the 2024  national budget forum, Aljalajel said that the ministry aims to increase healthcare coverage by 94% in 2030, pointing to the inauguration of 1,200  new beds in 2023, in addition to reducing average waiting times for operations to 24 days. The minister pointed to the increase of oncology centers from 10 centers to 18 centers with an increase of 80%, pointing out that the Advanced Radiotherapy Center at King Fahd more

Saudi Arabia Launches Promising Medication Project

Aimed at treating serious and life-threatening conditions that do not respond to standard prescriptions  Riyadh:  The Chairman of the Saudi Food and Drug Authority SFDA and Minister of Health Fahad Aljalajel launched the promising medicines program in Riyadh on Sunday, December 10th. The program ensures early access to experimental treatments for patients who fail to react to standard medications and shortens the period required for new treatments to enter the Saudi market. Promising medications include all treatments that are safe and have completed clinical trials showing clear therapeutic effects for incurable or rare diseases or those that are highly prevalent in society. The Saudi Food and Drug Authority SFDA has started to implement this program on an experimental basis and has achieved success in more

Saudi Hospitals Recognized as Baby-friendly by UNICEF and WHO

global ranking focused on supporting breastfeeding and limiting breast milk substitutes  Riyadh:  Saudi Health achieved early December the approval of four of its affiliated hospitals as "Baby-friendly hospitals" designated by WHO and UNICEF. These include AlJouf Maternity Hospital (north), Dharma General Hospital (Center), Hotat Bani Tamim Hospital (Center), and Erwa Health Center in Medina (West), which received this certificate after passing necessary assessments. Saudi Health confirmed that the trend towards Baby-Friendly Hospitals aims to promote awareness about the importance of breastfeeding by holding workshops, distributing leaflets, and educational videos, to motivate health sector workers and society in general to reduce the use of breast milk substitutes. The criteria for the accreditation, more

Saudi Brings Hospitals to Homes…New Services Arrive at Patients Doorsteps

Thousands of dedicated practitioners provide 19 services to 250K patients by 2026  Riyadh:  Citizens and residents no longer need to leave the comfort of their homes for medical care. Saudi Health recently expanded its homecare services to include respiration, post-delivery care, dialysis, and palliative care. Saudi Health reported that 2,742 healthcare workers are currently providing home services by coordination with 246 hospitals and clinics all over the country. Services include nursing, physical therapy, nutrition, respiratory care, mental health, medication administration, dental care, intravenous treatment, bed sores treatment, and follow-up after surgery. The goal is to reach 250,000 beneficiaries by 2026 through home healthcare, providing patients with greater reassurance in their homes among loved ones without more

Saudi Health Joins Talks for an International Convention on Epidemic Prevention

Meetings in Geneva to build on covid-19 global cooperation  Riyadh: Saudi Health participates in meetings held by the World Health Organization WHO on epidemic prevention, preparation, and response in Geneva, Switzerland. Saudi Arabia is discussing with the World Health Organization and member states the possibility of drafting an agreement aimed at preventing and responding to epidemics, continuing discussions of the Intergovernmental negotiating body in its previous meetings. The ministry explained that the coronavirus pandemic has highlighted many challenges in the global health system. The drafting of the agreement comes to help unify efforts to protect communities from epidemic diseases. more

Meet 40 Saudi Geniuses Cracking the Code of Medical Diagnostics by AI

Stanford University & SDAIA launch medical technology hackathon  Riyadh:  The Saudi Authority for Data and Artificial Intelligence SDAIA in cooperation with Stanford University launched on Monday, December 4, the first hackathon aiming to develop medical diagnostic applications. The three-day hackathon targets 40 specialists in the fields of artificial intelligence and public health, to find technical solutions that help diagnose and treat diseases using various data recognition patterns. Accompanying the event, SDAIA Academy held several training workshops on related topics, including investigating biases in artificial intelligence diagnoses of dermatological conditions, genome imaging, data fusion case studies, and modeling for large medical image data sets. more

Other Top Stories from Healthcare and Medicine
King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre Announces Breakthrough in Autism Spectrum ...…

December 5th, 2023, Riyadh - King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre (KFSH&RC) proudly announces a significant milestone in healthcare with a pioneering breakthrough in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) screening.  This achievement is a key part of KFSH&RC's digital transformation journey, underscoring the institution's commitment to excellence in healthcare more

Saudi Surgeons Save Twenty-year-old from Catastrophic Overseas Weight Loss Operation…

Over 70 Days of Treatment to correct disastrous Gastric Bypass  Riyadh:  A team of doctors at King Saud Medical City's Center for Obesity and Metabolic Surgery was able to save the life of a twenty-year-old Saudi male whose gastrointestinal bypass operation caused serious complications. According to Saudi Health, the patient had a gastric bypass surgery outside Saudi Arabia, more

See the Network of 100 Saudi Health Centers Monitoring Respiratory Infections…

abandoning preventive precautions allows respiratory infections to reach pre-pandemic levels  Riyadh:  Saudi Health revealed monitoring mechanisms implemented to deal with respiratory infections. A local network of monitoring centers consists of 70 primary health care centers and 30 hospitals, distributed geographically and demographically, which collect data on respiratory more

Saudi Health Home Delivers Flu Vaccines by Ride-Share App…

Get vaccinated at the comfort of your home  Riyadh:  Saudi Health offered seasonal influenza vaccination service through the CAREEM ride-share application.  Saudi Health stated that the vaccine can be obtained easily through this service, and the reservation process will be through the application, in which the user first launches the application, then chooses a car, skips the more

Saudi Surgical Team Saves 37-year-old Man from Rare Appendix Tumor…

condition affects less than 1% of inflammation cases  Riyadh:  In Al-Ula (western Saudi Arabia), a medical team succeeded Tuesday 28th November in ending a patient’s suffering through surgical intervention to remove a rare tumor in the appendix, at Prince Abdul Mohsen bin Abdulaziz Hospital. According to Saudi Health, after conducting ultrasound medical examinations with, more

King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre Celebrates Third Consecutive Year as ...…

Riyadh, November 29th 2023 – King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre (KFSH&RC) proudly announces its recognition as a "Digital Health Most Wired" hospital for the third consecutive year by the esteemed College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHiME). This prestigious accolade acknowledges KFSH&RC's unwavering commitment to harnessing more

Saudi Arabia Launches Specialized Center to Solve Medical Waiting Lists…

Succeeded in solving 500k cases in one year  Riyadh:  Saudi Health launched a new entity dubbed (The Medical Referrals Center) which aims to provide wide-ranging services through a unified electronic portal, ensuring recipients' access to services quickly and easily. The Center works to coordinate the transfer of medical referrals and appointment booking procedures for more

Saudi Medevac Helicopter Fly's 1st Night Evacuation Over Red Sea Waters…

A 19-minute to move patient from Farasan Island to Jizan city  Riyadh:  Saudi Red Crescent Authority transferred a female patient by air aircraft on Sunday 26th November. The Director General of the Saudi Red Crescent Authority in the region stated that after coordination with Saudi health in Jazan (southern Saudi Arabia) and Farasan General Hospital, the case was more

Cigna Healthcare Appoints Hisham Radwan as CEO of Cigna Insurance Saudi Arabia, Opens new offices ...…

• The appointment follows Cigna Healthcare's expansion into Saudi Arabia after becoming the first international insurance company authorized to operate through a branch in the Kingdom. • Cigna Insurance Saudi Arabia opens office in Riyadh, solidifying its physical presence in the heart of the Kingdom. • Cigna Insurance Saudi Arabia partners with Total Care Saudi (TCS) as more

Miraculous Gift of Walking for Saudi Quadriplegic Child…

Six operations to give the 7-year-old new hope  Riyadh:  Surgeons in Buraidah (central Saudi Arabia) performed a delicate six-stage surgery that allowed a child with cerebral palsy to walk and stand. According to Saudi Health, the 7-year-old was paralyzed on all four limbs, unable to wear his own shoes, stand, or walk. Following the necessary examinations, the team decided to more

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